Turning Twenty-Seven

In four days, I’ll be celebrating my twenty-seventh birthday. When I was much younger, I thought my twenties would be like an episode of Friends, but by the time I reached my twenties, I was so suicidally depressed that I doubted I would make it through even the first half of this decade of my life. Twenty-seven is an age I never believed I would see. Right now, I feel like I am looking for more direction in my life, still working on that neverending project of Figuring Shit Out. This involves thinking hard, writing lists, and getting ready to take actual action. Twenty-seven is a Big Deal for me. I’m sure you’re familiar with “The Twenty-Seven Club”. I think about these artists a lot and wonder how my own twenty-seventh year will be. I am determined to live through it, to dedicate myself to creativity, adventures, and self-care, and make this a truly magical year.

October is my favourite month, and typically an eventful month as well. This year, October has me publishing my first book, hanging out with my twin, celebrating six months with my partner, celebrating 18 months sober, and tabling at the Philly Zinefest. This month has been pretty rad so far. I’ve been drinking homemade apple juice from the trees in my backyard, writing letters & postcards, re-learning how to feel posi again… There have been some really difficult times, too. There’ve been difficult conversations with friends, getting used to living in my new home and sharing space… Last week, I had a four-day migraine that kept me bedridden and barely able to open my eyes, sit up, or eat. I ended up in the ER. After that, I realized that my migraine had likely been brought on by stress and busyness, and that I need to make more efforts to not overwhelm myself, to take better care of myself, work on preventing the exacerbation of my chronic physical illnesses, slow down a little. I feel constantly overwhelmed by plans, projects, communication, etc., and I need to sort out my jumbled brain and get my priorities in order.

I’ve also been reading some good articles that I want to share with you: Gala Darling offers advice on How to Survive Your Saturn Return, Veronica Varlow shares The Day the Muses Showed Me the Map, Alexandra Franzen talks about How Getting (Slightly) Famous-er Has Made Me a Better Person, Tavi tells us How Not to Care What Other People Think of You, and Sady writes On Taking Yourself Seriously.

I know this year is gonna be really good. How do you feel about turning twenty-seven? What was your twenty-seventh year like?

Twenty-Sevenly Yours,

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