♥ The information on this page is out-of-date and currently under re-construction. In the meantime, please visit schoolformaps.etsy.com for online Tarot readings! Thank you!. ♥

I’ve tried to include as much information as possible on this page, but if you have any questions I haven’t answered, please email me schoolformapsATgmailDOTcom with “Tarot reading” in the subject line. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, and I love reading for folks regardless of how much experience you have with Tarot – whether you’ve never had a reading, or have been reading for twenty years, I know we’ll have a brilliant, meaningful, and worthwhile connection and collaboration.

Now that it’s Summer, I’m really excited to be reading cards outdoors again! This might be the perfect option for us if a) you love being outside as much as me, and/or b) my apartment is inaccessible to you due to stairs, cat allergies, being uncomfortable with sitting on meditation cushions, or being anxious about entering somebody else’s home, or any other reason.

For outdoor readings, I have a picnic blanket, or we can search for an available picnic table. Before booking a reading with me, I recommend reading as much of my blog and/or my zines as you’re comfortable with, so you can get a clear idea of who I am, what I do, and how I read; I invite you to click the ‘tarot’ and ‘madness’ tags especially. I am especially here for mad, sick, & disabled queers and trans folks, misfits & outcasts, creative/artistic types, and weirdos, obviously. I’m reading in Trinity Bellwoods because it’s close to home. Unfortunately, accessing transit and moving around the city is very difficult for me due to disability and chronic illness, so I cannot come to your home at this time. Please do not wear scented products for our reading as I have multiple chemical sensitivities.

♥ Why Tarot? ♥

Tarot is one of the many paths I’m wandering through my process of healing with trauma, mental illnesses, and chronic pain & illness. This is a life-long path, in which I am more likely to be “recovering” than “recovered.” Tarot has offered me access to the wisdom, guidance, and magic I may not have found on my own, and it has new lessons and reminders for me everyday. For me, Tarot offers incredible insight; sometimes a gentle nudge in a new direction, sometimes a rug pulled out from under my feet, and often, more questions. Tarot can be a validating and magical way of taking care of ourselves, understanding ourselves and our surroundings, offering an escape route when we’re feeling stuck, and comforting us when we’re feeling lost.


♥ Why Me? ♥

I’m a writer in the process of befriending myself, a solitary weirdo witch, non-binary amethyst-femme feminist, high school dropout, cane-user, and recovering alcoholic (with more than five years sober!). I’m in recovery with complex-ptsd and borderline personality disorder, and although I began reading Tarot about fifteen years ago (when I was fifteen), it’s only over the last few years that I’ve become more devoted to Tarot as a method of healing and learning, a method of self-care and self-exploration. I grew up in poverty in a small town, and am now surviving (and learning how to create magic within) poverty in a big city. I understand my madness & my recovery as spiritual gifts; the stories I’ve survived are teaching me a whole lot about inner strength, coping, (self-)compassion, patience, communication, resilience, and trust, and I want to share what I’m learning with you!

I’d also like to honour the fact that one reason I’ve developed such determination and passion for offering Tarot readings is that I’ve encountered so much ableism and madphobia from other Tarot readers, spiritual folks, witches, etc. and while this used to, and sometimes still does, bring up a lot of pain for me, it’s also encouraged me to become even more resolved to offer my own interpretations, my own wisdom, with no shame, no apologies for my own “baggage,” and no judgement of yours. My spirituality is grounded in my ongoing experiences with madness and disability.


♥ What kinds of questions may I ask? ♥

Tarot doesn’t answer yes-or-no questions, and neither do I, but together, the Tarot and I can dig deep for the answers you’re seeking, the reminders you’re in need of, and the options available to you! I wanna help you see what you need to see and do what you need to do! Whether that means waking up or taking a rest, protecting yourself or becoming vulnerable, or knowing when to be noisy and when to be quiet; let’s see what the Tarot says. My Tarot readings are collaborative: the amount of information you provide me with (about your current situation, your past, what you want for the future, your fears, your struggles, your passions, your curiosities, your personality traits, etc…) is up to you; the more information I have, the more I can work with, and the more specific guidance I can offer. I encourage you to find the delicate balance of how much information you wish to share, and how much you’d rather keep for yourself.

There are infinite questions to ask the Tarot! My intent is to be open, validating, and encouraging in my readings with you. You may have questions related to creativity, spirituality, recovery, self-care, friendship, relationships, boundaries, healing, self-expression… whatever! I’m here to search for the answers with you, to nurture your inner weirdo, and help you feel more at home with yourself. Our reading will involve an exploration of the imagery and hidden meanings of the card(s) drawn, seeing the energies that are holding you back and guiding you forward, imagining the possibilities in your specific situation, and offering you questions that you may wish to ponder, to write down in your diary, to come back to again & again along your own path.


♥ Location & Accessibility ♥

Amethyst Cove, my little bachelor apartment, is in downtown Toronto, on Queen West at Trinity Bellwoods. There are five steps into my apartment, and I have a cat named Lily who will certainly want to snuggle with you. I ask that you arrive as scent-free as possible and that you do not smoke cigarettes before entering my home, to ensure I do not have an allergic reaction. I have multiple chemical allergies, but I occasionally burn incense – if this is a problem for you, please let me know as soon as you can, so I can cease to burn incense and work toward making my home as scent-free as possible. For seating, I use meditation cushions on a rug on my kitchen floor. I do not record sessions, but I do recommend bringing a notebook and pen, and you will have permission to take photos of the cards drawn as well.

My Tarot practice prioritizes mad folks, crazy people, disabled folks, queers, trans folks; and writers, artists, and weirdos. Please be mindful of anti-oppression when you enter my home, and refrain from using language that is ableist, madphobic, racist, classist, queerphobic, transmisogynist, transphobic, sexist, etc. Let’s collaborate with one another to create a space that is healing, inspiring, compassionate, wise, re-energizing, and caring – and, of course, confidential.

I’m currently booking Tarot readings on weekday afternoons, but if your schedule makes this difficult, please let me know and we can work something out. To book an appointment, please email me at schoolformapsATgmailDOTcom with “Tarot reading” in your subject line, a few options for dates you’d like to come over, and we’ll choose a day and time together.

♥ $$$ ♥

My Tarot readings are Pay-What-You-Can, with a sliding-scale between $20 – $40. I can accept exact cash upon arrival, or PayPal or e-transfer at least three days in advance of our appointment. I am also open to the possibility of part-cash / part-trade interactions, as I am disabled and surviving on a very low income, thus am often in need of basic things like TTC tokens and fresh fruits & vegetables. So, if you have access to these things and are interested in trading, talk to me! Also, if you’re a tattoo artist who’s into trading ink for readings, let’s chat! Our Tarot readings may last from half an hour to an hour.

My home is on the 24-hour Queen streetcar line, also accessible from the Dundas streetcar, the Bathurst streetcar, and the Ossington bus. I’ll confirm my address with you as our appointment is booked. I read with many decks, including The Collective Tarot, Pixie’s Tarot (Rider-Waite-Smith), Kitty Kahane’s Magic Mirrors, and Thea’s Tarot.

If you’re interested in booking me for parties or events, please contact me at schoolformapsATgmailDOTcom to discuss availability and hourly rates.