♥ Maranda Elizabeth is a writer, zinester, identical twin, solitary weirdo witch, high school dropout, non-binary amethyst-femme, cripple-goth, cane-user, & recovering alcoholic. They are capital-C Crazy and recovering with (not from!) borderline personality disorder, complex-(p)TSD, fibromyalgia, & other forms of madness & chronic illness. They write about mental health & illnesses; madness as spiritual gifts & skills; writing & creativity; friendship; recovery with trauma & chronic pain; magic & witchcraft & Tarot; self-care, support & $upport; disability & crip-love; surviving poverty; and embracing weirdnesses. They’ve been writing zines for over a decade, and published an anthology, Telegram: A Collection of 27 Issues in 2012, and a queer YA-ish novel, Ragdoll House in 2013. ♥

♥ Maranda Elizabeth is currently finalizing edits and feedback on their second novel, a teenage-trauma magic-realism small-town prison-abolition fictional experiment titled We Are the Weirdos, as well as working on a book of non-fiction titled To Be True to My Own Weirdnesses: Re-Incarnations, Re-Iterations, & Re-Imaginings, and (!) a short story collection called Those Knives Were Her Security Blanket. And many more zines, of course! ♥

♥ Maranda also offers online Tarot readings for weirdos, crazy people, mad folks, borderlines, disabled folks and crip queers, etc. at schoolformaps.etsy.com! ♥

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My zines are available at schoolformaps.etsy.com and my books are available here. There’s also a donation button in the right sidebar of my blog. Writing is working, and donations are love. Tangible support is always important in the lives of writers and artists, particularly those of us who are broke, disabled, and crazy! Please read Writing = Working / A Discussion of Support & $upport, & SUPPORT. Email me at schoolformaps@gmail.com or send snail mail to: Maranda Elizabeth / P.O. Box 33 Stn. P. / Toronto, Ontario / M5S 2S6 Canada.

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