Winter Survival Tour Begins Today!

I’m leaving in an hour, packing up my last-minute things, hoping not to forget anything. Listening to JazzFM, leaving mud puddles all over my apartment because I’ve been too antsy to take off my boots. Guess what I did this afternoon? Signed a lease on a bachelorex (bachelorex = genderqueer bachelor/ette apartment)! In the New Year, I’ll be living alone on Queen Street West at Trinity Bellwoods! Dreamy! Until then, I’m on the road.


Monday December 16th – KITCHENER/WATERLOO

Tuesday December 17th – HAMILTON

Wednesday December 18th – ST. CATHARINES

Thursday December 19th – OTTAWA

Friday December 20th – KINGSTON

Saturday December 21st – MONTREAL

Me & my twin, 1990-ish. I’m in black, she’s in green.

This is where I write! Map of Toronto, map of Seattle, postcards, candles, etc.


What to Bring on Tour
- books & zines
- TQZF donation jar
- tablecloth
- change
- zine descriptions
- snacks, fruits, instant coffee
- water bottle
- coffee thermos
- pajamas
- diary
- books to read
(Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Vincent Van Gogh, zines)
- gluestick
- snail mail supplies
- Tarot cards
- tiny pharmacy, all meds & vitamins
- magic things
- phone, laptop, both chargers
- clothes & underwear & socks
- pens & pencilcase
- toiletries
- 2014 planner

I’m gonna tweet from the road! Follow me @MarandaTelegram.

Come hang out & talk about winter survival with me!

Roadfully Yours,

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One Response to Winter Survival Tour Begins Today!

  1. Bani Amor says:

    word, have an awesome tour!

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