New zine! Telegram issue 26.

I made a new zine! I asked my friends to ask me questions about anything at all, and their questions led me to all sorts of stories & memories & inspiration. This zine answers some of those questions and tells some of those stories. In Telegram #26, I write about learning how to be honest despite my fears and shyness, dealing with jealousy in the realm of art & writing & creativity, and my various writing processes and the beauty of creating spaces to write as well as venturing out of those spaces to write elsewhere.

I also write about life as a genderqueerdo who also feels left out and invisible, not feeling part of a genderqueer community, but wanting to, and having to give up some of my dreams of girl-friendship & girl-romance & girl gangs. I talk about nightmares I had when I was growing up, the beginning stages of treating my depression & agoraphobia as a teenager, and I talk about my favourite kinds of days and adventures.

Telegram #26 is quarter-sized, 24 pages, cut&paste, text-heavy.

Click here to purchase! Also, I’ve been having a sale in my Etsy shop all month long in celebration of International Zine Month. Enter coupon code ‘IZM2012′ during checkout to get 20% off everything! Tell yr friends!

Ziningly Yours,

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