Roberts Street Social Centre is moving, and other zine happenings.

The Roberts Street Social Centre is a zine library, screenprinting studio, and magical space & collective in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Each summer, they host zine residencies, and I was lucky enough to spend two weeks living in a shed in the backyard of the Roberts Street Social Centre and Anchor Archive back in the summer of 2010, working on a zine about mental health and disability. Those days were among the best of my life. The RSSC has been around for seven years now, and they are in the midst of, sadly, being evicted and moving to a new space. I don’t know if any of my words could ever do this place justice, so I’ll just get to the point: RSSC needs your help and support in the realm of money to find a new space and keep their projects going! Click here to donate (even my mom sent them some cash!). Below is their media statement:

Roberts Street Social Centre, a community and art space in North End Halifax, is appealing to the community for support after notice that their lease at 5684 Roberts Street will end as of May 1, 2012. The centre is asking individuals and organizations for suggestions for a new location and for financial support including donations or support securing loan or grant funding. “Community members have been supportive in the past, and we hope that new and exciting ideas will come from our appeal,” says Jill Ratcliffe, a member of the Roberts Street Social Centre collective. “But we are definitely concerned about finding somewhere affordable with rising rents and taxes in the North End.” Six years ago, the Roberts Street Social Centre was a private residence that held the Anchor Archive Zine Library. Since then, programming has expanded to include a screen printing studio, a residency program, a community space for workshops, movie screenings and meetings, and a resource for low-cost photocopies. The centre operates on a budget of about $34,000 per year. Programming will continue as usual for the time being, and the centre is exploring its options to ensure that programs will continue beyond the May eviction date. “Roberts Street has built ties in our community through welcoming people with free and low-cost art- and media-based programming,” adds Ratcliffe.“We do not want to see the north end become a place only for high-end development.”

And, of course, a silly photo I took of myself at their front door while I was there.

Oh, and guess what? From now until the last day of March, all proceeds from my Etsy shop will be donated to the Roberts Street Social Centre. So if you were thinking of getting my new zines, or catching up on a few back issues, now is the time to do it!


1. My sister recently unveiled her newest project: she has created and is hosting the Fight Boredom Zine Residency.

From her website: “For two weeks, you will find yourself living at the Tulip Farm in beautiful Montréal, Québec. This is not a farm, but in fact an adorable two-bedroom apartment in the heart of St-Henri. You will be provided with a pullout couch, bedding, a small guide to gettin’ around and livin’ on the cheap in the city, plus a whole lotta zine supplies (I have basic craft supplies like paper, scissors and glue, as well as numerous typewriters). You’re encouraged to bring anything you feel you may need. Although we may be able to provide you with a small stipend for travel costs, you will be responsible for things like meals and public transportation – but don’t worry, we like to share food and we can probably find an extra bike.”

She’s rad, and you will have an incredible time. Get working on your application!

2. My friend Dave Cave has also just recently unveiled another rad zine project: Operation AHAP zinester mini-arts grant! Click the link to learn how to apply for $150 grant to work on your zine.

From his website: “So I’m giving $150 to someone to write a zine about dedicating three months to getting healthy/hot/happy. And hot by your standards of what is hot! Healthy by what your standards of healthy are!”


SECRET PROJECTS! I will elaborate later. Basically, I am still sick with mono, I am sleeping 10-12 hours every night, I have no energy, and yet I am continually overwhelming myself with new & continued projects, plans, events, blah blah blah. All I do is write and sleep.

Drowninginzinesingly Yours,

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2 Responses to Roberts Street Social Centre is moving, and other zine happenings.

  1. davecave says:

    your sign out “drowninginzinesingly” has taken the joke too far. TOO FAR!. At first i thought it was downsizing? Then, “drowsy and dizzy”? use your words.

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